Laser Engraving Info

Laser engraving is the process whereby an imprint is permanently etched into the finish of the product.

There are many advantages to laser engraving over other conventional printing methods, the most important being the permanence and crispness of the finished imprint. A laser engraved imprint will forever be delivering the intended message..

In the past, the greatest limiting factor with laser engraving was the height of the image being laser engraved. Bankers®, with it’s exclusive Laser-Rotation process has developed a method allowing us to exceed the normal limits of the laser engraved image. Most of our laser engraved pens now include up to 3 lines of copy laser engraved in one of our standard typefaces. Still need more? For $.05(g) per line, you can add as many additional lines of copy as you require! For a laser engraved logo (within our standard laser imprint area) there is a $40(g) set-up charge in addition to a $.30(g) running charge.  On pen and pencil sets, this charge is per pen and per pencil. Have a logo that is very detailed? No problem! Most logos can be processed with Laser-Rotation, and the resulting image size can be increased significantly. The added cost for Laser-Rotation is approximately $.20(g) per piece, in addition to regular laser charges.